If your company is in need of custom-machined parts; you are a purchaser or design engineer—this document will help you navigate through the process of selecting the right machine shop partner. The information contained in this document provides you with a framework to follow based on many years of manufacturing precision parts for small and medium-sized businesses. For over 30 years, ALRON has been assisting clients from various industries produce custom, high-quality parts to integrate into their machine equipment.  With thousands of projects completed, we wanted to share some best practices that both prospects and clients should follow to ensure their greatest chance of success.

7 Things to consider when selecting a machine shop

  1. Do they have a dedicated client liaison who understands your unique business
  2. Do they understand how the machined parts are used in the finished assembly
  3. How long has the supplier been in business?
  4. Depth and breadth of the service offerings
  5. Does the machine shop partner manufacture a wide variety of materials
  6. Can they provide completed parts on-time?
  7. Are the prices reflective of the quality required?

Selecting the right machine shop partner is the first step toward achieving a successful project.

At Alron Manufacturing, we can assist you through the development and design of the appropriate parts. In our white paper, “How to Select the Right Machine Shop”, we further address how to choose the right shop that will help you create the best parts for the best price.